• Michael Wedman

    Michael Wedman

    My Why: To coach others compassionately so that they have the opportunity to discover their own success and value.

  • Timofei Vladimirovich

    Timofei Vladimirovich

    Business-pundit with a knack of technology and politics trolling. Brace yourself for newer stories by me.

  • Clem Akomea-Agyin

    Clem Akomea-Agyin

    Product @ FB. I love helping businesses grow.

  • Patty-Dave Meriwether

    Patty-Dave Meriwether

  • Mayra Porrata

    Mayra Porrata

    Educator | Writer | Publisher | Advocate #communityhealth #caringeconomies #advocacy #peersupport TheFlourishingWay.com

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